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Hello everyone....I hope you are all doing well....In this episode we take a look at super humans whose DNA is worth billions....UFO exposure from the FBI....The skull of the director of Nosferatu was stolen from the grave....12 mysterious things that have been found on Earth that cannot be explained....The Smithsonian admits to the destruction of thousands of giant human skeletons in the early 1900s....and the strangest website I have found yet....That and a lot more in this 70th episode of The 13 Skulls....

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Superhumans DNA could be worth Billions

Island tribe kills anyone who comes ashore

US government releases documents of extraterrestrials and their home planet

FBI Vault on UFO exposure

NASA captures deep space sounds

Skull of Nosferatu director stolen from grave

Lexus Slide hoverboard

12 mysterious things that cannot be explained

Paradoxical crystal baffles scientists

Buzeau Mountain cave

100 million year old human finger

Pharaohs of Egypt were possibly Alien hybrids

Mysterious box found in a dumpster

The origin of Blue eyes

Art exhibit for ghosts in the afterlife

Possible alien life on Comet Philae

Cube UFO in Texas

Smithsonian admits to the destruction of giant human skeletons

Evidence of giants underground

Ghost hunters find dead body

Zombie themed cruise in January

Astronomers say there may be other Universes that are better for life

The Crimean pyramids

Drill bit found in coal

Listening to extreme music can make you positive and inspired

Moody Voodies

Area 51 scientist speaks out

Dreams from machines


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