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The 13 Skulls….



February 22, 2016

Hello Everyone....In this episode we take a look at possible alien skulls in Russia....The Bimaran Casket....A picture that shows the Grim Reaper kneeling by a grave in England....The Orgone Artifact....and the benefits of Cannibalism....That and more in this 73rd episode of The 13 Skulls....

Take care....


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Humanoid Figure in the clouds....Click on the picture for an enlarged version....


Wonderful but weird Mars images

King Annunaki body found 12000 years old and intact

Japanese researchers create a hologram you can touch

Scientists discover that human DNA bears a message from extraterrestrials

Moon village eyed to replace the International Space Station

Project Lucifer

Podcast Movement Chicago 2016

Comets cannot explain weird alien megastructures after all

Possible Alien skulls in Russia

The real life origins of the Kraken

Siberias giant hanging Rock

Milky Ways growth rings unveiled

The Bimaran Casket

Supermassive Black holes burping nearby

Honduras excavates the White City

Power plant demolition produces weird human shaped cloud

Metal balls from space fall in Vietnam

Alien abductee wants to prove the truth is out there

Researchers reveal scheme to create and control gravity

Skeleton found under a school might be from a Pirate

Picture shows the Grim Reaper kneeling by a grave in England

Girl Scouts use Zombie hunting theme to earn disaster preparedness badge

The benefits of Cannibalism

I knew a priest who could see the dead

Nurse shares 30 yrs of spiritual experiences with death

The Orgone Artifact

Someone is on the Moon 1

Someone is on the Moon 2

Interdimensional portal seen over the Large Hadron Collider

Honduran TV reporter watches as a glass of waters moves across his table